Water And Sewerage Clients

Water is an essential part of every day living and the depletion of water resources or the decline in water quality, poses a real threat for future generations. The issue of water awareness has become more acute in recent years and therefore managing water and natural resources has become an important issue.

In order to take up this challenge our company has an extensive cooperation with ARTELIA INTERNATIONAL (Formerly SOGREAH CONSULTANTS), a leading French company, specializing in water engineering. Our joint venture with Artelia International has resulted in our successful tendering for some of the largest Sewage and Waste Water Projects on the Island.

We are currently participating in:

  • ¬†Design and supervision of the Greater Nicosia Sewerage System. In collaboration with Artelia/Sogreah and Energoprojekt. Cost of construction works: 260 million Euro
  • Feasibility studies and detailed design of sewerage systems for 28 Urban Areas in collaboration with Artelia/Sogreah France. Cost of construction works:200 million Euro
  • Design and Supervision of the Paphos Sewerage Phase B (300 Km of Collection Sanitary and Sewerage System, Treatment Plant Upgrade and Extension, Pumping Station and more)

Our firm currently has a team of multi-disciplinary, well qualified professionals who can provide customized services ranging from specific technical appraisals to project design and supervision.

Our experience in water and waste management includes:

  • ¬†Waste water treatment plants
  • Pumping Stations
  • Collection System
  • Storm-water Drainage

Treatment Plant Vathias Gonias Nicosia