Our firm is probably the oldest architecture and civil engineering consulting firm on the island. Our origins date back to the mid 1930’s when the pioneering brothers Polys and George Michaelides Brothers first established a technical office. After having worked for a few years at Le Corbusier’s Atelier in Paris, Architect Polys M. Michaelides, returned to Athens to collaborate with his brother, Civil Engineer George M. Michaelides. The German occupation in Greece forced the two brothers to leave their offices and continue their work in Nicosia, Cyprus. The two brothers have left a very important architectural legacy having designed several of the most famous buildings of the architectural modernist era in Cyprus and in Greece.Alexander F. Modinos joined the firm in 1960 and as a partner and chief Architect, he undertook the large architectural heritage left by Polys Michaelides, who passed away the same year. A.F. Modinos, successfully finished all of Polys’ unfinished work with George Michaelides. He then continued to lead the office to new architectural achievements, including the design of many important buildings on the island.From 1982 to date, the firm has been under the innovative leadership of Saverios Vrahimis (Fellow ASCE, USA) and through the years it has evolved into one of the most reputable architecture and engineering firms on the Island, having a multidiscipline identity and offering a wide range of services such as architectural engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, project management, road and infrastructure engineering, hydraulic engineering and marine works.The firm currently employs highly qualified professionals, Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Water and Sewerage Engineers, Hydraulic Specialists and Project Managers. All our team members are registered with the local professional bodies, while many also belong to international professional associations.

International Co-operation

In recent years, the company has attracted partnerships from international companies, with whom we collaborate to provide innovative and superior alternatives and solutions, which are cost effective and optimize the business potential of each project. Currently, our strongest and most extensive cooperation continues to be with the French Engineering firm Artelia International (the result of a merger between Sogreah and Coteba). Our cooperation on joint projects began in 2000. This extended cooperation with Artelia International gives us the ability to take advantage of their technical expertise, applying their know-how and sharing their skills with our staff.
Our cooperation with well reputed and highly qualified professionals spans across the globe and includes Companies such as Howard Humphreys East Africa, Planning Systems Architects in Kenya, Foster + Partners in the UK, EDSA in the U.S.A and last but not least Atelier Xavier BOHL in France, with whom we have designed the prestigious Limassol Marina in Cyprus. With the help of our international partners, we have managed to spread our wings into other markets adding larger scale projects to our portfolio.