Attalides Residence

  • Architecture: Theodoros Photiades (1878 – 1952)
  • Preservation works design (1996): A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrahimis
  • Preservation works contractor (1996): Fidias Koursoumbas LTD

Attalides residence, is probably one of the finest and most well-preserved neoclassical architecture residences in Cyprus. The residence was designed by architect Theodoros Photiades circa 1920.

The residence is situated in a neighborhood among other listed buildings in Agious Omologites in Nicosia. An experienced eye will notice the obvious similarities of the structure to the State Gallery of Contemporary Art in Nicosia, another prime example of the work of Theodoros Photiades.

It is a masonry building constructed with 40 to 60cm thick, load bearing walls, built with local calcarenite sandstone. The building extends to three levels and has a total built area of approx. 500sq.m. plus the covered verandas. The building is characterized by strong elegance, decorated with the elements of the neoclassical era such as the painted white moldings and eaves at floor and roof levels, the French doors and windows with shouldered architraves, the balustrades with the vasiformwhite balusters andthe Tuscan columns supporting the circular verandas. The building underwent restoration works in 1996 which were designed by our Office and executed by Fidias Koursoumbas Contractors LTD and since then it has been constantly maintained and kept in perfect condition by its owners.