Castle Residences

• Architecture: Atelier Xavier Bohl & A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrahimis
• Civil / Structural Engineering: A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrahimis
• E&M Design: GEMAC
• Client: Limassol Marina LTD
• Contractor: J&P – Athena – Cybarco – Marina Lemesou JV
• Budget: €35 million
• Description: Castle Residences are the only luxury apartments on the sea in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by water, this final residential phase of the Marina development enjoys uninterrupted views of the sea and the coastal city of Limassol. Just steps away from the beach, Castle Residences epitomise the essence of ‘living on the sea’. It is a project of 5 buildings including a total of 61 residential apartments, underground parking places and a communal courtyard, a communal swimming pool and a communal gym.

Structurally, the project consists of 5 RC buildings with height that ranges from 5 to 8 floors. The buildings share a common basement and are constructed on a reclaimed island that is 14m tall measured from the natural seabed. Adding the height of the buildings, the structural and seismic design demands of the buildings, were equal to 14 floor buildings resting on soft seabed. During structural design we investigated two separate foundation options to tackle the difficult foundation conditions. First option was the combination of diaphragm walls with isolated piles and the 2nd option was D150cm piles 12m long and 275 in number with a combination of secant pile walls positioned on the side of the project that is exposed to the open sea. Taking advantage of the Contractor’s early involvement we chose the best solution in terms of efficiency, cost and time which was the 2nd option.

Architecturally and in terms of energy efficiency, they are Class A, as the buildings are served by a state of the art “open” geothermy” system that uses the seawater to provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Additionally, major part of the facades is cladded with a ventilated façade of suspended slabs of calcarenite stone which not only provide the cooling as a result of the chimney effect but also provide protection from the splash and spray of seawater.

  • Stage: Under Construction, estimated completion 2021
  • Brochure: Download here.