Larnaca Club conversion to Cultural Centre

• Architecture: A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrahimis
• Civil / Structural Engineering: A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrahimis
• Electrical Design: Mita Consulting Engineers
• Mechanical Design: A.D. Tzitzimpourounis Consulting Engineers
• Contractor: P. Hadjipieris FIXICO LTD
• Client: Larnaca Municipality
• Budget: €1.3 million
• Stage: Under Construction

The project belongs to the Municipality of Larnaca and is co-financed by the European Funds Unit of the Ministry of Interior of Cyprus.
The building consists of a lower house and upstairs it has with seven rooms each with a fireplace. The entrance proceeds to a corridor that leads to a vaulted patio and large courtyard. The façade is simple with a simple covered balcony.

It has been declared an ancient monument.

According to historical data, this monument was built in the second half of the 18th century and was used in the beginning as an inn for travelers who arrived at the port with their animals – mainly camels – for the transportation and collection of goods. The name of the heavy two-leaf front door of the building is not random, as it is known as the camel door.
With the arrival of the English in 1878 the old inn and house was transformed into a club for civil servants and the military, while the large courtyard changed use and became the first tennis court in Cyprus.
Today, this ancient monument needs a direct repair since recently, part of the building in the inner courtyard had collapsed. Once fully restored, the building will be made into a cultural center for local events and activities.