• Master Plan: Atelier Xavier Bohl
  • Architecture: A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrahimis & Atelier Xavier Bohl
  • Civil / Structural Engineering: A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrahimis & Artelia France
  • E&M: GEMAC Engineering Consultants
  • Contractor: J&P – Athena – Cybarco – Marina Lemesou JV
  • Client: Limassol Marina LTD
  • Budget: €350 million
  • Stage: Under Construction

Limassol Marina is one of the biggest complete private projects in Cyprus. The project is a prime example of PPP method of development which means Private – Public Partnership. The state, which in this case is the Ministry of Tourism set the Employer’s requirements which were the following.

  • The ministry supplied the land and the permit for reclamation of Limassol shoreline and offshore area.
    • The project should have residential and commercial units, boat and yacht berths and a cultural centre as well as a manmade beach.
    • 650 berths to accommodate yachts from 8m up to 110m at a basin area of approximately 170,000 square meters.
    • DBOT Contract. The Developer’s team would need to consist of Design Team, Construction Team and Management and Operations Team. This method gives enhanced tools to the developer as the Contractor’s early involvement allows for jointly taken decisions with the designers and operators allowing for applying good practices in terms of design efficiency, speed, cost and quality.
    • Total Construction Cost 350 Million Euro
    • Marine Works: 150 Million Euro
    • Buildings: 150 Million Euro
    • Infrastructure: 50 Million Euro
    • Engineering Includes:
      1. Environmental Impact Studies
      2. Traffic Studies
      3. Bathymetric and Land surveys
      3. Offshore and Onshore Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigations
      4. Mathematical and Physical Models for the maritime structures
      5. Sediment transport and erosion control
      6. Wave Climate studies
      7. Infrastructure / Roads / Bridges
      8. Structural & Seismic Calculations
      9. Electromechanical studies / Lighting / Acoustic
      10. Architectural / Landscape / Interior Design
  • Brochure for Marine Works: Download here